Local Government


Our data products have applications at all levels of government. Local authorities can use this data for a range of activities such as improving their constituency intelligence, planning the routing and scheduling of public vehicles, or better understanding the stress placed on pieces of local infrastructure and how to meet these demands. allmapdata also facilitates Smart City initiatives, providing key digital consultation services and sociodemographics that will be central to progressing your public project.


Digital Government

We supplement forward-thinking Digital Government and cloud initiatives through the provision of datasets including drive time, domestic mapping and demographic profiling datasets. Our range of datasets are fully compatible with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) such as ESRI ArcGIS, MapInfo and QGIS, and Business Intelligence systems including Oracle, Qlik and Tableau. It can bring a greater level of insight into your catchments for better analysis, understanding and business intelligence.

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AddressAnalytix is a new database of all properties in Great Britain, indicating residential or commercial use for all properties, differentiating between types of residential property and defining different density blocks of flats. Bring an enhanced level of detail to your residential and business data, and gain a greater knowledge of the housing stock mix in any given area. Assess the needs of the less mobile elderly population in an area and evaluate the increasing pressure on flats or bungalows.

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Sociodemograpics (incl. Purchasing Power)

Any governmental organisation should possess a detailed understanding of the income and spending power of the local population. Spending habits should be a consideration when planning public services moving forward, and are richly detailed in our socio-demographic datasets.

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Retail Branch Boundaries & Income

The Geolytix dataset contains detailed profiles for 700 shopping centres, 105 railway stations and 250 road and motorway services in the UK. This product details the boundaries for each retail area, the number of retail branches in each and ranks these by retail spend in order to bring rich new insight into your public service strategies.

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Transport APIs

Accessing mobility through public transport and accessibility is challenging. Available as an API to be embedded in your own application, Public Transport API from allmapdata provides online access to public transport timetables from buses, underground, trams, ferries, boats and London cable cars to calculate travel time and distance at any time of day from your chosen start points.

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Utilising Open Data

Open data can be very valuable, bringing crucial geographic insight for governments everywhere. Unfortunately however, open data is often poorly organised and can be of a low quality for processing and analysis. allmapdata helps public organisations migrate open data for everyday use, cleaning, restructuring, migrating, integrating and linking it to different levels of geography and levels of government. Beyond this, we can also shoulder the responsibility of maintaining your data, updating it and undertaking version management.

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Business Intelligence

Mapmechanics can help governmental organisations of various sizes turn their raw data into an important part of their strategy to maintain and develop public services. By licensing mapping software and providing a bespoke mapping consultancy service, we can help you make sense of your unprocessed datasets to create valuable intelligence. Undertake informed analysis by correlating geographic trends in population characteristics and disposable income.

 – Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that includes spatial visualizations and analytics. The Map View functionality can display anything with a geographic element such as countries, roads, postal addresses and can be interactively formatted in many ways including colour fills, different sized markers, percentile or value binning.

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