International Relations


Augment your world affairs with our powerful global data. Gain a greater insight into international sociodemographics to better grasp the living conditions and needs of communities around the world. Upgrade your understanding of issues effecting foreign companies and public organisations, their surrounding state borders and the geopolitical factors arising from the proximity of these boundaries.


International Boundaries & Positioning

With our advanced software solutions and data, you can upgrade your understanding of issues effecting foreign companies, their surrounding state borders and the geopolitical factors arising from the proximity of these boundaries.

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Global Geocoder

AMD Global Geocoder is a standalone geocoding tool that doesn’t require GIS, BI applications or locally hosted maps, and features an accessible and streamlined user interface. Geocoded addresses include exact latitude and longitude coordinates, as well as indicating which element each address has matched with on the international HERE database and can handle local and anglicised characteristics.

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Global POIs

We offer geocoded Points Of Interest (POIs) in specific topic packs with relevant detailed information attached as attributes. For example, school locations include term start dates and numbers of students, railway stations have information about pedestrian flow and stadium data contains information about the sport played in the stadium as well as the capacity of the stadium.

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Global Maps

We offer Europa, Global Insight and Global Discovery vector maps at 1:1 million scale mapping for the entire world. These feature up to date political entities, coastlines, international borders, some first level administrative borders, time zones (with Daylight Saving Time information) and over 850,000 named places with urban sprawls.

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Any governmental organisation should possess a detailed understanding of the income and spending power of the local population. Spending habits should be a consideration when planning public services moving forward, and are richly detailed in our socio-demographic datasets.

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Extensive International Data Catalogue

allmapdata offers over 10,000 geographic data products ideal for use by the Foreign Offices, Trade Commissions, the Department of Trade and Industry and consulates. Undertake accurate and insightful data analytics with business intelligence and geographical information systems.

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