Our data products have applications in a range of public housing operations. Your organisation can exploit this data to improve geographic insight into sociodemographic makeup across constituencies. This will be crucial in assessing levels of demand on various types of infrastructure, not least of all housing. Assess the demand for housing throughout constituencies or areas, and either exploit our data or let us help you to devise a strategy in order to most effectively meet that need.



Understand your region with Census, lifestyle or neighbourhood profiling segmentation data and income, expenditure and shopping patterns information. Use demographic data to determine the number and proportion of households in each postcode and gain a greater insight into their spending habits.

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The UK Personicx GEO Profiling product provides behavioural segmentation that can help local and national authorities understand the spending habits of people living in each area. This profiling data contains with 55 unique clusters identifying affluence, life stage and behavioural profile (e.g. city manual workers, shrewd solos).

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AddressAnalytix is a new database of all properties in Great Britain, indicating residential or commercial use for all properties, differentiating between types of residential property and defining different density blocks of flats. Bring an enhanced level of detail to your resident and business data and improve the daily efficiency of vehicle routing.

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Utilising Open Data

Open data can be very valuable, bringing crucial geographic insight for governments everywhere. Unfortunately however, open data is often poorly organised and can be of a low quality for processing and analysis. allmapdata helps public organisations migrate open data for everyday use, cleaning, restructuring, migrating, integrating and linking it to different levels of geography and levels of government. Beyond this, we can also shoulder the responsibility of maintaining your data, updating it and undertaking version management.

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