High Street Banking

It’s helpful to know which location will allow your high street bank to connect with the right demographics when planning a new banking branch. Gain a deeper understanding of the local population and their income in order to understand an area’s demand for ATM’s, mortgages, loans and savings services. Investigate how effectively customers can be drawn from beyond your branch’s geospatial segment or if your location is being challenged by competing high street banks.

Locational data can also be used to monitor the activity of competing high street banks. Get in sync with the local area by quantifying a given area’s daytime population, gauge the number of businesses in the proximity and examine local opening hours. Assess the commercial prospects of your competition by their placement, taking a range of contextual factors into account.


Population Analytics

Examine the local population in order to pinpoint the number across generational groups and density across a given area. This data can be utilised to effectively project the future population of a given area based on current trends.

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Socio-demographics (incl. Purchasing Power; Retail Spending)

Pitch financial products and services based on a detailed understanding of the income and spending power of a local population. Gain a clear knowledge of their spending habits and lifestyle with our series of geodemographic products that map out each of these factors and more.

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Business location data

Our range of postal points and geocoders mean that your research into prospective new banking locations and their prospective performance in the context of competing banking branches can be more precise and based on up to the moment information.

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Footfall & footfall generators

Measure the commercial scope of  high street bank branches in relation to location by quantifying and analysing footfall in and around the surrounding streets.

Boost your business intelligence by correlating geographic trends and population characteristics in order to identify areas with greater commercial prospects and residents with a high propensity to invest in financial products and services.

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Territory management and Drive time analysis with GIS

Geoconcept and Geoxploit provide map analysis solutions, with the latter including pre-configured data to make it easy to analyse demographics, optimise territories, calculate drive times and much more. Exploit these strategic insights to gain a better understanding of your competition’s locational proximity and pitch your financial services and products to your customers correctly.

Mapmechanics are vendor neutral when it comes to supplying data and have a wealth of expertise with a wide range of GIS systems, having operated these on a daily basis.

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