Equity Research


Analysing a given company’s financials, equity and performing ratio in order to advise inhouse traders and third party clients about pricing and whether to buy or sell stocks is a complex and strategic process.

The range of products below can help you to take a geospatial approach in order to use geography profitably. Use operational insight to investigate the placement of a company’s range of retail branches, warehouses and offices to project future impact.

Consolidate and augment your mapping assets in order to reduce the risk of your current and future investments and identify new opportunities.

Investing in advanced GIS, geographic business intelligence and geodemographic information is a good first step in successfully predicting the next big market upswing and growing your private equity firm on the world stage. We can also undertake these professional services on your behalf.


Population Analytics

Our geodemographic products allow you to examine relevant populations in order to pinpoint their volume and density in any given area. Beyond this, such data can be utilised to effectively project the future of a given investment based on locational trends.

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Bring a detailed understanding of the income, spending power, retail spend and purchasing power of a company’s target audience to your investments. All of these factors and more are carefully mapped out in our series of geodemographic products.

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Business Location Data

When considering whether or not to invest in a company, it is essential that the relevant locational points of interest are accurately and comprehensively mapped. Our range of postal points and geocoders ensure that your investigations are always precise and based on current information.

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International Propositioning (Geocoding)

With our advanced geocoding, you can enhance your investment strategy by improving your appreciation for foreign companies and their surrounding state borders, as well as the geopolitical issues arising from these boundaries.

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Large Catchment Analysis

Model local catchment areas through our advanced GIS systems in order to better understand the commercial and public facilities in a given area, an essential part of better understanding the operations of the businesses and the commercial possibilities within these locations.

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Business Intelligence

Augment your unprocessed datasets with our licensed mapping software and bespoke mapping consultancy service. Make more informed investments by correlating geographic trends in sales figures and population characteristics; automating lead and order allocation to sales and delivery territories; and identifying areas with a high propensity to buy.

We also licence and support Tableau, Qlikmaps and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition so that you can capture and visualise your geographic business intelligence and analytics work.

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Pre-processing of data for plug & play usage

We are adept at processing a range of data formats to create valuable datasets. Let us convert your raw data to an easy to use, ‘plug and play’ format. From here, we can advise on the best way of applying this new dataset to ensure that you get the most value out of your data.

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