GIS Light Application

An extension of a GIS Application. A minimum of one GIS Application Authenticated User is mandatory to use the GIS Light Application pricing. GIS Light Application Authenticated Users have view only rights to HERE Map results extracted from main GIS Application.


The following functionalities of GIS Light Authenticated Users under a GIS Light


Application are permitted:

  • Viewing of maps, results or analysis created from the GIS Application
  • Authenticated Seats
  • Location look-up
  • Coordinate display with a simple click on the map
  • Printout of the displayed maps
  • Selection options (within polygons, circles and rectangles)



  • The GIS Light Application restrictions are:
  • No access to the Data for editing purposes
  • No use of GIS light Application in combination with Mobile Asset Management
  • Applications (no Tracking, no Routing, no Optimisation)
  • No real time Route Guidance for GIS Light Application Authenticated Users
  • No local or batch Geocoding
  • The number of GIS Application Authenticated Users and GIS Light Application


Authenticated Users may not be aggregated