Geoconcept 8 evolution gives CACI customers the edge in GIS and Locational Analysis

by Ian Abbott – Geosolutions Manager


An eagerly awaited major upgrade to GIS software solution Geoconcept means users can apply ever higher volumes of detailed, granular geodata to meet and exceed today’s demand in marketing and analytics.

CACI Product Manager Ian Abbott explains, “We’re seeing a shift towards more detail in the market place. Our clients know that better geodata insight can give them a competitive edge and help predict profits and costs more accurately. Now, with Geoconcept 8, they have a market-leading tool to support planning and operations.”

What’s new in Geoconcept 8?

The latest release makes it easier and quicker to apply and analyse complex geodata sets and see outputs in more visual, immediate and easily-understood ways. Organisations can process more data, more quickly. There’s a more intuitive user interface, so it’s easy to create new reports and data views. Also new for the upgrade are heat maps and layered pdf maps, so users can add and remove different layers of overlaid information at the click of a mouse.

Competitive advantage from geodata

Geoconcept is a leading GIS desktop software application that maps and analyses data in a spatial, geographic way. It’s widely used by businesses in a range of industries from retail, marketing and logistics to data specialists and consultants. Typical uses are identifying patterns in existing customer locations, finding new customer target areas, optimising sales territories and efficient drivetime routing and planning.

Ian Abbott adds, “The volume of geodata available increases constantly. People want detailed building level info and to see every road and footpath. With this major 64 bit rewrite, the increased processing power in Geoconcept 8 is a huge step forward, allowing geodata queries to deliver results and visualisation far more quickly.”

Added value to complement the new release

CACI is the sole UK distributor for Geoconcept. The firm also provides Geoxploit, a unique UK-only package that includes Geoconcept software, base geodata sets and training, so customers can use it out of the box to get value immediately.

To add even more value to the upgrade, we’ve added population projections and six types of ACORN demographic data to Geoxploit. Our customers now have more processing power and more data to explore within the improved, user-friendly interface,” says Ian Abbott.

Existing CACI customers will get an automatic upgrade as part of their maintenance pack. The benefits are all available to new customers too, along with CACI consultancy support and customisation, so each unique business can design and use the most commercially valuable reporting and data.