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Drive your telematics solution with the HERE Location Platform

Tracking with fleet telematics

Tracking and managing assets and vehicles with the HERE Location Platform enables organisations to run a more efficient fleet, promote safer driving and increase productivity. 

 Telematics for insurers

Insurers and insurance telematics solution providers are increasingly investing in map-based driver behaviour analysis to provide them with meaningful insights on driver and road risk.


The HERE Location Platform is a modular, flexible and scalable online platform with exceptionally fast rendering and specific functionality to accurately track and observe driver behaviour against map features designed for the telematics industry.

The platform  draws on a comprehensive database of routable global map content that can be easily integrated into telematics systems. The HERE Location Platform also provides APIs and SDKs that enable users to build applications, websites and mobile apps that contain map content and extensive geospatial functionality. Features include:

  • Speed limits for each section of road
  • Physical and legal restrictions, such as height, width, weight, length, etc
  • Real time and predictive traffic feeds
  • Road slope and curvature (ADAS)
  • Map views including continuously updated satellite and street level imagery

HERE Platform Extensions add even more functionality to the Platform, giving users access to specific feature sets that solve very particular needs including:

Route Match Extension

Route Match Extension

Route Match Extension – matches GPS traces to the HERE road network to determine the exact route taken

Geofencing Extension – know when your moving assets enter or leave a geographic area

Platform Data Extension – integrate more enterprise-grade data into your HERE Platform-enabled application








Discover how Radius Payment Solutions and the Kinesis telematics platform provides accurate vehicle speeding reports with the HERE Location Platform >>

Licensing for the HERE Location Platform is highly flexible. To find out more, call our Geo Solutions team on +44 (0)20 8568 7000 or email allmapdata@caci.co.uk

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