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Where allmapdata fits into the future of Smart Cities

Smart Cities are all about geography and big data. With long and unpredictable commutes frustrating many living in today’s cities, Smart Cities are being developed to facilitate efficient and punctual daily travel. The Smart City allows infrastructure to become aware of its own status, with sensors compiling information from smart devices and black boxes to create pools of big data.

The international realisation of Smart Cities is well underway. In places like London and New York, the process is incremental, with smart sensor technology spreading gradually and densely. In South Korea’s Songdo, a Smart City is ambitiously being built from scratch 40 miles outside of Seoul. In India’s developing smart cities, the manifestation is more modest, with emphasis being more on delivering modern, reliable infrastructure.

allmapdata is facilitating a vision of the modern smart city through the licensing of advanced geographic data and software. Our datasets augment the geospatial side of the Smart City ecosystem, providing advanced geographic data capable of displaying an address’ exact location, premise type, surrounding road status and other key contextual information.


Streetservicer is ideal for the navigation of modern smart urban sprawls, facilitating high density neighbourhood collection, delivery and service operations such as newspaper deliveries, bin collection and road gritting. The software produces optimised routes that incorporate both sides of the road and minimises the number of times a route travels a particular road segment.

AddressAnalytix Home Delivery

AddressAnalytix Home Delivery is an enhanced database for all of Great Britain, and can powerfully augment smart urban environments. AddressAnalytix provides details of every address, both residential and commercial, including extra information specifically designed to be useful for planning home delivery applications.

Drivetime & Distance Matrices – AMD

This product offers drive time estimates and distances between origins and destinations in your smart city. Standard options included from every postcode sector to every other postcode sector in Great Britain or from town to town, but if you would like a time and distance matrix between each of your data points (e.g. customer or depots) or for towns in other countries, we can also create bespoke matrices.

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