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What Smart Cities are doing for Retail

Smart Cities are urban environments where geospatial data is accurately and comprehensively captured in real-time. Advanced and widespread sensor technology observes a range of elements around the city such as the flow of traffic, the volume and movement of people in a particular area, and the health of the surrounding infrastructure.

Drawing on this wealth of data and combining it with third-party datasets opens up a series of new marketing and customer service opportunities in retail and logistics.


Business Intelligence

With smart buildings containing their own internal computers and sensor technologies capable of curating vast pools of data about the surrounding volume of people in the area and beyond, smart cities will be a gateway to better business intelligence. No longer will retail branches measure their success merely by the volume of customers entering the store and the resulting conversion rate.

Geospatial context will be analysed when trying to assess a given branch’s commercial success, such as the number of customers surrounding the building or branch, their detailed demographics, each customer’s average length of shop over a series of visits and the regularity of returning shoppers. From these varied factors, a conversion rate can be calculated that involves a number of factors in order to more accurately reflect the appeal of a given branch and the performance of its staff.


Digital Marketing

The sensors in your smart building can be used to drive the next phase of digital marketing. With locational applications and websites now on consumers’ smart devices, a more perceptive approach to customer profiling can be taken. When a customer activates one of these online resources, their locations and range of interests become readily available, and curated content can be pitched in a bespoke way.

For example, if a known customer uses your brand app to indicate their location and they are found to be in the proximity of a retail branch, the customer can be notified with bespoke offers and discounts, helping to drive sales conversion and customer loyalty.

Beyond this, smart sensors can help you to track customers’ movement around a given branch, shedding light on customer movement both inside and outside the store. Using internal venue mapping, the movement of groups of customers can be mapped, as well as their trajectory before and after shopping.


Retail Security

With the introduction of smart tags by major retailers such as Walmart, security and stocking in retail just took a huge leap forward. The impact will be huge – new tagging security allows employees to quickly scan a group of items such as a stack of clothes on the retail floor or stockroom to find out which exact sizes or types need restocking or reordering. The convenience and accuracy of this is hard to overstate and should result in significant time, money and stress saved.

Beyond this, smart tags can be used with smart city technology for security purposes. If an item is taken out of the shop premises without having been deactivated first, the tag is able to transmit its exact location in order to facilitate the recovery of the item. As cities become smarter and sensors proliferate, it will become easier to track down stolen items and thieves. Indeed, the smart tag will soon be an asset for both retailers and law enforcement, as well as being a powerful disincentive for prospective thieves.


International Indoor Venues – HERE

This HERE map content provides mapping detail for shopping centres, train stations and airports. Venue Maps are created from floor plans and by visiting venues to confirm the layout and dimensions of the buildings and their facilities. Where they exist, multiple floors are included and floors of buildings are joined to facilitate through-building routing. Details such as ATM locations, car park access, escalators, different stores, gate numbers, and restrooms across all floors are also included.


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AddressAnalytix Home Delivery is an enhanced database for all of Great Britain which provides details of every address, both residential and commercial, including extra information specifically designed to be useful for planning home delivery applications.


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