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Smart Grids and their importance

Smart Cities are urban sprawls whose infrastructure utilises a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence on an expansive scale to curate large amounts of data in order to complete processes that proactively facilitate the easy navigation of the urban landscape for its inhabitants, and ensure that infrastructure is autonomously maintained or improved.

What therefore constitutes a ‘Smart Grid’ in this context? Your city’s current electrical grid consists of a series of power stations, transformers and power lines that provide the electricity for everything you do. A smart grid is capable of closely recording and transmitting the movement of electricity through the grid digitally, closely monitoring customers’ electricity usage.


The benefits

At its core, the smart grid is a more efficient proposition, transmitting electricity faster and swiftly reacting to any disturbances or leaks. The movement of electricity can also be more intelligently moderated to preserve the integrity of the system. If a power failure occurs on one powerline, the smart grid can automatically reroute the movement of electricity to avoid blackouts in that given area.

Where demand becomes dangerously high in one area, supply can be intelligently moderated to avoid shortage and where failures do occur, these can be quickly and easily pinpointed. The smart grid can then automatically request an engineer’s presence at the affected area to provide a bespoke solution with minimal fuss.

The use of smart grids means allows the piracy of electricity to be easily pinpointed and terminated through a higher level of digital surveillance and the accurate detection of leaks. This is a pressing issue in countries with developing infrastructures such as India, and ultimately drives costs up for legitimate paying consumers.

The smart grid also becomes an essential part of the internet of things, with customers and businesses being allowed a greater insight into their consumption habits and the associated cost. With the digital information collated by the grid and being made instantly visible online, this data can be easily surveyed and monitored by end users.


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