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Smart Cities and the future of Supply Chain and Logistics

Smart Cities are urban environments where geospatial data is accurately and comprehensively captured in real-time. Advanced and widespread sensor technology observes a range of elements around the city such as the flow of traffic, the volume and movement of people in a particular area, and the health of the surrounding infrastructure.

Drawing on this wealth of data and combining it with third-party datasets opens up a series of new marketing and customer service opportunities in retail and logistics.


Better Scheduling

The widespread use of sensor technology in Smart Cities means that a series of on road circumstances can be monitored and taken into account before and after the routing process. Any number of issues can cause a delivery to be late, ranging from extreme weather conditions to traffic accidents to failing infrastructure.

In a Smart City, these issues are immediately recorded and transmitted to all relevant parties, meaning that these can be accounted for both before and during the delivery process so that the fastest and most cost-effective route can be planned with this wealth of information.

Problems with infrastructure also become less widespread in the context of a Smart City. Smart City data used in tandem with GPS technology allows for traffic flow to be redirected to avoid congestion and frustrating delays. In addition to this, infrastructure is also better maintained in this type of urban sprawl. Indeed, the proliferation of sensors means that if a road or a bridge is about to become compromised, the feature itself can autonomously book an engineer for a swift bespoke solution.


Better Delivery Services

The knock-on effect caused by better scheduling to home and commercial deliveries is always better customer service. With routes being scheduled more efficiently and unforeseen circumstances being reacted to more swiftly due to the extensive data collated by the Smart City ecosystem, delays are made significantly reduced in both volume and length. Fewer delays result in better stocked commercial branches and more home deliveries made on time.

Additionally, special deliveries to businesses and homes can be allocated tighter and more accurate windows for deliveries, meaning that individuals won’t need to wait around for deliveries that never arrive.


AddressAnalytix Home Delivery (GB)

AddressAnalytix Home Delivery is an enhanced database for all of Great Britain which provides details of every address, residential and commercial, including extra information specifically designed to be useful for planning home delivery applications.


AddressAnalytix Logistics (GB)

AddressAnalytix Logistics provides full address details of every property (residential and commercial) in Great Britain. It comes complete with premise-level geographical coordinates and extra information to enhance planning logistics applications.

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