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Defining the Smart City and its benefits

In big cities today, it can be overwhelmingly stressful to navigate the streets when any number of factors can single-handedly derail your commute or day out. Weather conditions are subject to abrupt change, road accidents create bottlenecks and infrastructure fails. Living in such circumstances seriously effects individuals’ quality of life, and in practical terms, results in appointments missed and resources needlessly wasted.

In a Smart City, the urban landscape is made to work for you. Sensors are utilised extensively to survey the flow of traffic on every road and pinpoint locations and the environmental conditions affecting these in great detail. Black boxes and monitoring devices are used in tandem to create large pools of big data that create a comprehensive representation of vehicle movement in the city.

Whilst London and New York are becoming incrementally smarter, the Songdo International Business District in South Korea promises to be the first complete Smart City just 40 miles from Seoul. In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stated that he is personally overseeing the construction of a huge group of 100 unique Smart Cities. Admittedly however, the emphasis here is on securing assured, modern infrastructure over the use of big data and AI.

In a travel capacity, the Smart City allows for the more efficient and accurate scheduling and routing of vehicles. Citizens and business owners can be more effectively forewarned about any possible delays on their journeys, and traffic flow can be managed intelligently to prevent bottlenecking and ensure the fastest routes.

Powerful AI and sensor technology also enables infrastructure a degree of self-awareness and the ability to maintain or expand itself. If a road or bridge has been compromised, this can be instantly recorded and an engineer can be automatically and autonomously requested to provide a bespoke solution fast.


AddressAnalytix Logistics

AddressAnalytix powerfully augments the smart city environment, providing full address details of every property (residential and commercial) in Great Britain. It comes complete with premise-level geographical coordinates and extra information to enhance planning logistics applications.


Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management

Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management provides a real-time, end-to-end enterprise solution, enabling utilities to achieve maximum visibility, control, and performance of field resources in and around your smart urban environment. Improve speed, efficiency and visibility in the management of short duration tasks and complex activities that take multiple days. By refining the collaboration between operations, field crews and contractors in real time, the entire work lifecycle is optimised.

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