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Choosing Map Data for Routing & Optimisation

When you intend to use data to plan the best route for your assets, e.g. a vehicle such as a delivery truck or a person such as an installation engineer, you need to consider both the technical and legal characteristics of the data you choose.

Ensure the data is suitable for routing

HERE premium mapping with navigational detail

HERE premium mapping with navigational detail

Routing data supplied by the allmapdata team is covered by our Data Guarantee – Our ‘data guarantee’ ensures our datasets are available in as many different formats as possible and are rigorously tested to make certain that they function correctly. We will check the integrity of road networks to ensure for example, that where roads cross there is only a node if traffic can make a turn at that junction and it is not actually a bridge where the roads cross at different heights. Our team aim to eliminate “loops” where the data might send your vehicle round in circles and we will attach appropriate speeds to each road  link and ensure there are no breaks in the network. We also format the data to suit your specific chosen software.

For many routing applications, you will also need to geocode (add grid references to addressed data) start points, destinations and call points along the routes. This may be your depots, customer data or engineers’ homes. Some postal geocoding data is therefore also available with routing licences. Technically, look out for the precision of the locations provided by the geocoding data you choose, so that the premises are as close to the correct location as possible for efficient scheduling of your calls.

Pricing and licensing mapping for routing and optimisation

Data licences for use in routing applications are often priced per asset (e.g. vehicle) per month. The detail of your intended use is also a factor in which pricing model best suits your project. There are, for example, sometimes discounted prices for infrequent use, only routing one vehicle at a time, or only routing within local areas and thus utilising only part of the geographic coverage.

Pricing and licensing for routing data considers:

  • Geographic coverage
  • Attributes required (e.g. one way streets, speeds, HAZMATS
  • Frequency of optimisation (every day or just re-optimising fixed routes once a year?)
  • Optimising routes for each asset without consideration of other assets or taking account of more than one asset at once
  • Number of Assets
  • Monthly, Annual or Multi-year Arrangement

Speak to one of our data sales team to understand which pricing and licensing model will be most economic for your intended use.

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