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Where we fit in the IoT ecosystem


Specialist Technology Provider

We are a business that makes use of open and closed data, software, algorithms, processes and people to answer geospatial questions within the realms of big and small data.

One person’s big data can be very different to another’s and we expect the volume, variety, velocity and veracity of data to be different for each of a customers engagements.


What We Do

Allmapdata from CACI are experts in the world of digital geography and logistics scheduling solutions. We design, build, supply and license geographic datasets for the whole world to meet your generic or custom needs within the sphere of the Internet of Things (IoT).


What We Don’t Do

The answer to this is quite simple: anything that does not revolve around geography, geographic data or logistics.


Our Focus

We focus solely on the discipline of Human Geography, which is defined as “the study of the interaction between human beings and their environment in particular places and across spatial areas”. This covers a wide spectrum of uses, requirements and experiences.

Internet of ThingsOur corporate DNA is born out of mathematical algorithms for multi-vehicle route optimisation and the geographic data required to power these solutions as computer processing power and memory have increased. Today, allmapdata from CACI have an unrivalled data warehouse of geospatial data for the world at a range of scales from strategic (small scale), right down to street level and even smaller (large scale) in both native and anglicised naming conventions dependent on exact needs.

Our specialisms include the manipulation and analysis of data captured from a range of devices and sensors in structured and unstructured formats with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as well as Business Intelligence (BI) geography in the forms of ‘Location’ or ‘Hyper Location’ and are critical for locating, monitoring, fixing or replacing devices in-the-field as well as building location intelligence and geographic insight on a given location. 


How We Work

We’re used to working at a range of scales and precisions through our day to day work. For us, Hyper Location means being able to place the location of a person, object or point of interest at a sub-building level, such as Wi-Fi positioning to within a few metres, using a pre-defined grid or to within 10cm using Differential Global Positioning (DGPS). Most of the work we do is undertaken at a positional accuracy of 6 to 7 decimal degrees, which translates to 111.32mm (NS or EW of the equator). We provide geographic data solutions for Cloud, Private Cloud and Edge Node (device side) data processing from street level mapping to population and lifestyle analytics to custom premise and sub-premise information. We can build new datasets for re-use or monetization out of the exhaust of the Internet of Things with a geographic focus through the re-purposing of historic and real-time data.

The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable.

  • – Mark Weiser
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