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IoT and the importance of Hyperlocation

The importance of accuracy in telematics cannot be overstated. From a digital marketing perspective, being able to accurately place and track your customers makes all the difference in the world.

In some cases, it is acceptable to have a vague sense of where your customers are – for example, when using any of the leading gambling apps on your phone, they simply need to confirm that you’re in a country where gambling is legally permissible.

For many businesses however, it’s often not good enough to just know which postcode or which street your customers are on when they open your app or locational website from their mobile device. Ideally, you should be able to pinpoint customers within 1 – 3 metres of their individual locations, in addition to being able to track their movements in the retail environment. At allmapdata, we call this level of locational accuracy a customer’s “hyperlocation”.

Using this calibre of location-based data can be extremely valuable from a digital marketing perspective. For example, if a past customer is known to be in Hatton Garden, New York and is in the close proximity of one of your branches, they could be targeted with a well-timed notification indicating that they have unlocked a limited-time discount. This process also improves the customer experience, with customers gaining access to personalised and targeted content, promotions, discounts, reminders and notifications, all through hyperlocational marketing.

This technology can also be used on a larger scale, with many leading retailers tracking their customer diaspora globally in order to gage the level of demand in each country. Using this data, connected customers’ movement trends can also be used in a range of ways for intelligent marketing to drive conversion.

Our range of datasets can enable your company to gain an unparalleled insight into a given customer’s hyperlocation, allowing insights into such contextual factors as which shop they are in; which store level they are on; and even where on the shop floor they are.


HERE International Indoor Venue Maps

This HERE map content provides mapping detail for shopping centres, train stations and airports. Venue Maps are created from floor plans and by visiting venues to confirm the layout and dimensions of the buildings and their facilities. Where they exist, multiple floors are included and floors of buildings are joined to facilitate though-building routing. Details such as ATM locations, car park access, escalators, different stores, gate numbers, and restrooms across all floors are also included.



AddressAnalytix from allmapdata positions and classifies all properties in Great Britain, commercial or residential, streamlining delivery management and logistics planning. AddressAnalytix includes properties’ full address and postcode, along with its premise-level geographical coordinates, its Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) and its Unique Delivery Point Reference Number (UDPRN) as defined by Royal Mail.

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