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Analysing, modelling ansmartcityd displaying markets and territories enables you to target prospects and manage sales and marketing operations more profitably. Geomarketing data can include geodemographics such as neighbourhood profiling and Census information, but also might include street level mapping and boundaries to create catchments and territories. Some data originators create special map data packs and others offer very detailed mapping with significant discounts for geomarketing use.

Our geodemographic datasets allow you to examine local population distribution across a given area, enhancing customer profiling and allowing you to project the potential of a specific location based on current trends. Gain a clear knowledge of spending habits and other lifestyle indicators with our series of geodemographic products that map out each of these factors and more. Promote and deliver your products and services based on a detailed understanding of the income and spending power of a local population. Boost your business intelligence by correlating geographic trends and population characteristics in order to identify areas with a high propensity to invest in your products and services.


Geodemographics is a term widely used to refer to any geographic or mapping data relating to consumers or population information. Use consumer demographic data to determine the number of potential customers for a new product; the proportion of households in each postcode sector that choose to shop at specific retail centres; where in the country there are more potential customers with a similar profile to those that currently buy from you and much more.

What is hyperlocation?

For many organisations it’s just not enough to know which street or catchment area their customers are on when they open an application or website from their smart device. Ideally, an organisation should be able to pinpoint customers in the range of 1 – 3 metres of their locations, as well as being capable of seeing their movements in a particular retail area. allmapdata has named this level of locational accuracy “hyperlocation”.

Connected Customer Engagement

Having access to a high calibre of geographic data is intensely valuable for geomarketing and customer profiling. With our advanced mapping and geocoding, you can upgrade your awareness of issues effecting customers both in your country and abroad. Model local catchment areas through our advanced GIS systems in order to better understand the commercial and public operational facilities in a given area. Or let us convert your raw data to an easy to use, ‘plug and play’ format to ensure that you get the most value out of your data.

Use connected geomarketing to identify nearby customers and engage them with a carefully-timed notification showing that they now have a limited-time discount. Taking a more personal approach to geomarketing also enhances consumer experience, with customers gaining access to personalised and targeted content, promotions, discounts, reminders and notifications, all through hyperlocational marketing.


Thinking Globally

Our data and tracking technology can also be used at a macro level, with leading retailers monitoring their customer base globally in order to gage demand in each country. Our range of datasets can enable your company to gain an accurate insight into customers’ locations, allowing meaningful insights into a range of contextual factors. Trace connected consumers’ movement trends on a larger scale to increase conversion internationally and understand global demand more precisely.

Our range of datasets and consultancy services can enable your company to gain an unparalleled sense of a given customer’s hyperlocation, allowing insights into such contextual factors as which shop they are in; which store level they are on; and even where on the shop floor they are. Call us now on +44 (0) 20 8568 7000 and let us help you connect your brand with your customers.


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