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BI Mapping in Tableau with Teccarto

Teccarto LogoOur highly skilled Geosolutions team understand geographic data, Tableau and how people need to use mapping in the business environment. We can help you extend the mapping capabilities in Tableau.


Need Help With Mapping Inside Tableau?

  • Are you using Tableau to capture and visualise your business intelligence and analytics work?  
  • Do you need to improve your understanding of customer distribution, sales trends and profit margins?  
  • Are you looking for a better way to process your data for more detailed insight and analysis?
  • Are you finding it difficult to get your own map boundaries into Tableau?
  • Do you need to more precisely locate your data on the map?

We can expand Tableau’s out-of-the box mapping capabilities by processing your data and providing more detailed boundaries and geocoding (automatically assigning a more detailed geographic role to your own data). For example, you may want to locate your own customer data using US zip+4 or UK unit postcodes. You may need to combine more accurate map positioning with your own choice of more detailed boundaries, such as US school catchments, UK postcode sectors or your own sales, distribution and franchise areas. 

Teccarto Mapping Format

The allmapdata team specialise in spatial analysis and can also help you map your own data in Tableau. Contact us to discuss the type of location based data you need in Tableau and we will supply (or process your own data) into Teccarto format. Tableau sees Teccarto formatted data as native files, making it quick and easy for you to map, view trends and analyse your own data inside Tableau.

We Can Help You:

  • More accurately locate your data on the map (assigning more detailed geographic roles to your data)
  • Create your own custom geographies such as sales territories and delivery regions
  • Migrate your data from GIS systems such as ESRI ArcGIS or MapInfo Professional
  • Make the most of Tableau maps and do away with the need to invest in additional GIS and mapping software
  • Access our extensive portfolio of Global datasets formatted ready for use in Tableau (e.g. US neighbourhood & residential boundaries, European admin areas or UK postcode sectors). We provide datasets for Tableau Desktop, Server and Reader for Windows & Mac operating systems. The data is validated (version managed) against current and future releases of Tableau within data license period.


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