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BI Mapping Consultancy

Why work with our BI mapping consultants?

Our geosolutions team are specialists in map related data processing and have many years of experience in helping organisations make the most of the spatial elements of their chosen BI system.

  • We supply thousands of spatial datasets to organisations all over the world formatted for  BI, GIS, Tracking, Routing, TMS, ERP and other systems
  • We use systems like ORACLE in-house to process our own data and are an Oracle Gold Partner
  • We have teamed up with leading Tableau Specialists, Flying Binary, to create a unique map format, Teccarto, which ensures Tableau sees your own data (such as sales territory boundaries) as native files
  • We can convert your own data and make it easy to use inside your chosen system
  • We can supply geocoding, boundaries and other data to extend the capabilities of your BI solution
  • We have experience working with a wide range of organisations from retailers and manufacturers to plant nurseries and property companies
  • We will listen to your needs and work with you to get the results you need
  • We offer great technical support and have a team of data processors  and mapping experts to provide assistance when you need it

Contact us now so we can discuss how we can most efficiently help you unleash the power of location based information in your business.

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