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Application Service Providers

An Application Service Provider (ASP) is an organisation providing individuals or companies access to applications and related services over the internet that would otherwise have to be located in their own computer systems. ASPs are becoming more important for large corporations and SMEs alike, allowing greater scope for outsourcing certain services to third party suppliers.


How can we help?

Internet of Things

Are you providing a service to a number of end-users via the internet or an extranet? Maybe you need to use background maps or geocoding for the telematics service you offer to your customers. We can provide a range of data in specific formats to meet your needs with an ASP license based on per vehicle per month. Simply report regularly how many vehicles are tracked by your service each month. This is the easiest way to license location based data for client server or web hosted solutions when you are a service provider.

allmapdata also enhances ASPs with the exact geographic datasets you need to make your next business strategy breakthrough. Our consultancy service can assist in your use of ASPs, advising on best approaches to using them and how to augment them with your current or future data. In addition, we can recommend the ideal combinations and blends of datasets for use with your ASPs before we provide them. In the event that the required dataset is unavailable, we are often able to build bespoke groups of data for your precise needs.


What ASP’s can we assist with?

allmapdata can advise and supply spatial data for a range of ASPs for a variety of purposes including geomarketing, vehicle tracking, routing and optimising, and have a deep technical proficiency with HERE Maps and Ordnance Survey. Call us now on +44 (0) 20 8568 7000 to discuss which data is best suited to your needs and is available with an ASP data use license.

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