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Data Uses

Locate and Analyse

Map Data & Consultancy For Your Specific Use

We license and format spatial data for use in GIS, BI, IoT and other mapping applications. Our experienced team can do the work for you or help you select the best product for your own use. You can license data per user, per asset or per transaction, in specific formats and with discounts for certain uses (e.g. for geomarketing only).

Click the appropriate links below to find out more about map data for your project

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Systems often include map functionality, but your BI supplier is rarely an expert in mapping, so we provide fast, easy assistance displaying your data as insightful maps.

We can provide data in the native format you need to make it effortless for the user to map, visualise and  analyse their data.


We can help you:


Look out for this symbol indicating the availability of  specialist business intelligence formats.


Analysing, modelling and displaying markets and territories enables you to target prospects and manage sales and marketing operations more profitably. Geomarketing data can include geodemographics such as neighbourhood profiling and Census information, but also might include street level mapping and boundaries to create catchments and territories. Some data originators create special map data packs and others offer very detailed mapping with significant discounts for geomarketing use.

We can help you find the most cost-effective solution for your geomarketing project.

Geomarketing  Look out for this symbol indicating specialist geomarketing data &/or significant geomarketing discounts.

Routing & Tracking

Geocoding postcode data and maps are key to route optimisation and tracking applications. Many of these systems don’t have the concept of a “user” so we offer data licensed per asset tracked, routed or optimised. The value of the data to your business varies according to whether it is being used merely as a background for tracked vehicles or as a fundamental component in the calculation of the optimal way to route them so that you save time and money. To reflect this, licence prices vary according to use.

When choosing data for tracking, routing and reverse geocoding, it is important to consider technical, licensing and pricing factors.

Find out more about:


Whether you use Oracle Real-time Scheduler, a tracking system or a GIS, we will supply the data in the format & structure you need at the best price.

Routing Tracking Optimisation Look out for this symbol indicating specialist route optimisation, routing and tracking data licences.

GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

The allmapdata team at CACI have supplied maps for all type of Geographical Information Systems for over 30 years. GIS licenses tend to be based on a per user, per site or corporate basis and do generally include the right to disseminate the information to third parties. We can provide special licence agreements for all types of use, so just let us know your requirements.

All our digital map data products can be used in your preferred GIS (e.g. Geoconcept, MapInfo, ESRI etc.). Our geospatial data products are ready formatted and structured so you don’t have to process them before use. For spatial solutions, see our GIS software products.

GIS Look out for this symbol indicating GIS data licences are available.

ASP Service

Are you providing a service to a number of end-users via the internet or an extranet? Maybe you need to use background maps or geocoding for the telematics service you offer to your customers. We can provide a range of data in specific formats to meet your needs with an ASP license based on per vehicle per month. Simply report regularly how many vehicles are tracked by your service each month. This is the easiest way to license location based data for client server or web hosted solutions when you are a service provider.

Call us to discuss which data is best suited to your needs and is available with an ASP data use license.


 Look out for this symbol indicating availability of ASP licensing.

Insurance Telematics

Pay as you drive (PAYD) and pay how your drive (PHYD) are becoming more sophisticated. To remain both profitable and competitive, insurance telematics need to provide accurate recording and analysis of driver behaviours compared with legal road speeds, local driving restrictions, road conditions etc. 

The allmapdata team have experience of working with large data sets, providing and manipulating spatial data. For example, we convert billions of GPS signals into easy to use journey speed information linked to road networks.

 Look out for this symbol indicating availability of insurance telematics licensing.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities use information and communication technologies to ensure they meet the needs of their people – improving the efficiency of service provision and urban operations, quality of life, and economic success. They aim to secure a better environment now and for generations to come. The Smart City approach is intended to improve lives by providing greater access to the city’s public services, reducing duplication of effort, maximising appropriate automation, enabling better services and faster response times, while making the whole area more secure and more economically successful.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together to deliver benefits to your citizens.

Look out for this symbol indicating some of the data that is used by Smart Cities

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is about creating communication between every device, system and platform to maximise efficiency and improve our lives. As the cost and size of sensors shrinks and computing power grows, machine to machine (M2M) communication is cheaper and easier to implement. Whether it’s wearable technology assessing when its time for your next pill or warehouses that know when a customer is running out of product or lighting that comes on automatically as you approach home, the IoT will impact all our lives in a big way.

Contact us to get data in the format you need or in several formats so your different systems can all utilise the data.

Look out for this symbol indicating some of the data suitable for use in the Internet of Things

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