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Geospatial data for Enterprise software solutions


Enterprise Systems are designed for larger organisations offering robust software packages that manage and support complex internal processes including data flows, analytics and reporting. Enterprise Solutions including Oracle Real-time Scheduler, Utility Mobile Work Management, Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Microsoft SQL Server can all be enhanced in a geospatial capacity with the correct digital mapping data as well at the latest geocoding data sets to help you calculate routes and visualise business data.

Our 30 years of experience in geographic datasets allows us to think three dimensionally about your needs, with allmapdata enhancing these platforms with the exact geographic datasets you need to make your next business strategy breakthrough. Our consultancy service can also assist in your use of these applications, advising on best approaches to using them and how to augment them with your current or future spatial data. allmapdata can advise on a range of locational datasets for a variety of purposes including geomarketing, vehicle tracking, routing and optimising, from data suppliers including HERE Maps and Ordnance Survey.

Tap into the spatial potential of your Enterprise System to gain enhanced strategic and operational insight into field and logistics activities, resource allocation and efficiency, and other Key Performance Indicators. Mapmechanics can advise and license a vast range of mapping datasets based upon your specific technical requirements.

Routing Data For Oracle Real-Time Scheduler (ORS)

Mapping data & Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

Spatial data for Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management

BI Mapping in Microsoft SQL Server

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