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Map Data

Hundreds of maps, geocoders, boundaries, geodemographics, aerial photos, gazetteers and business data sets for map analysis in BI, GIS, tracking and other applications. Formatted and processed for immediate use in your chosen solution.

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Business Intelligence

Maps, routing, postcodes and boundaries to expand your BI system's mapping capabilities. We can create territories, help convert your GIS data and supply new spatial data sets, ready formatted for Microsoft SQL Server, OBIEE, QlikMaps, Tableau etc.

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GIS Solutions

Geographical Information Systems for desktop or web. Professional GIS and developer tools together with Geoxploit, the easy to use, fast to learn map analysis solution that includes all the data and software you need in a single discounted package.

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Specific Data Uses

Formatted spatial data to suit your specific use, e.g. Oracle Realtime Scheduler, tracking, GIS, Tableau, Insurance telematics, ASP etc.
This section explains how formats, discounts & licences reflect usage.

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Need specialist data sets, a bespoke application, journey time calculations, your own data converting to a specific format or your territories optimised? Our allmapdata consultants are here to help.

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Need to see how map analysis can help your organisation?
Sit at your desk and watch live web demonstrations of GIS and territory management in action or geospatial data in use.

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GIS, BI Spatial Data, Mapping & Location Based Optimisation

allmapdata has been using map-based data to simplify complex business decisions for 30 years.

We offer:

  • The most comprehensive selection of map data in the world
  • Market leading GIS mapping, logistics and optimisation software
  • Experienced consultants that listen to your needs and provide simple solutions to complex problems
  • Trusted, expert staff to guide you through buying, implementing and working with location based solutions

Our geosolutions team extract and collate data to create meaningful business information for use in location based solutions. Our developers and consultants create tailored solutions to help our customers improve business efficiency and increase sales. Our off the shelf solutions provide software and data that offer a significant ROI and integrate with in-house systems such as business intelligence, ERP and CRM.

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