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Consultancy Services

If you need to get a project off the ground quickly and don’t have the time to learn map-based analysis, then our consultancy services could be the right solution for you. 

We offer a comprehensive range of services from geographical data manipulation and efficient territory management to routing & scheduling, and business intelligence.

Options for additional consulting are available from our staff  who are happy to run through the various services with you.


If you would like more information on our consulting services, call us on +44 (0)20 8568 7000 or simply email us.


We will have no hesitation in going back to Mapmechanics and re-optimising our territories if we need to.

Henry Gould National Sales Manager, Henkel


Internet of Things Geographic Data Engineering Services

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to greater investment into IoT services by end-user organizations and vendors, with these services being divisible into the categories of design, installation and operation. The Enterprise IoT market is poised to split further into both generic products that can be used anywhere and more specialized devices that will only work in specific vertical markets.

Under IoT Geographic Engineering Services, we can provide proven data integration expertise for embedding within Edge Hardware, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics. This is a unique value proposition as the skills required for this undertaking are simply not accessible through the majority of global SME’s.

Ideally, your business should be able to pinpoint customers within 1 – 3 metres of their individual locations when they open your app or visit your website, in addition to being able to track their movements in the retail environment. At allmapdata, we call this level of locational accuracy a customer’s “hyperlocation”.

This calibre of location-based data can be extremely valuable from a digital marketing perspective. Our range of consultancy services can enable your company to gain an unparalleled insight into a given customer’s hyperlocation, in addition to other locational intelligence services. This allows insights into contextual factors such as which shop they are in, which store level they are on, and even where on the shop floor they are.


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence & Analytics has been a top 10 priority for CIO’s for 9 out of the last 11 years. Implementing business intelligence can be difficult primarily due to the range of data elements that need to be taken into account, and often proves to be a costly challenge to overcome. Mapmechanics can enable your organisation to navigate this obstacle by introducing locational intelligence such as population and traffic analytics, business location data and catchment area data through products such as:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
  • Teccarto for Tableau Desktop & Server
  • QlikMaps for Qlik; now featuring greater mapping abilities than QlikView and QlikSense

When applied correctly, contextual data can serve a range of purposes. Our consultation service can enhance your customer analytics, develop your targeted marketing, streamline your mobile asset scheduling or relocate your retail or distribution branches to better connect with your customers and clients. Use the resources above to visualise your geographic data and inform your business strategy – after all, a picture paints a thousand words.


Mobility Services

Based on decades of deep expertise, our mobility services enable our clients across all industries to manage successful mobility implementations. This unlocks growth, efficiency and a series of other benefits:

  • Understand and redistribute customers to closest service location based upon street level mapping, realistic road speeds etc.
  • Access a strong supply of API’s and mobile SDK’s for the development of B2B and B2C applications
  • Write and develop custom workforce scheduling systems
  • Develop custom street networks for trucks, electric vehicles, night-time deliveries
  • Gain unique premise geographic co-ordinates for doorstep delivery
  • Access data and work uploads to a range of 3rd party Satnav providers
  • Undertake global address cleansing, consolidation and geocoding

Mapmechanics’ mobile application designs deliver an accessible and intelligent user experience and have consistently drawn positive feedback customers. The mobility service on offer has assisted our clients with integrating mobile applications into everything from legacy IT environments to cutting edge analytics and social media platforms.


Smart City Geographic Data Engineering Services

Smart Cities are urban landscapes that widely employ advanced sensor technology in order to collate pools of big data and autonomously maintain their own infrastructures. Big data collated in the smart city environment can be hugely beneficial to an array of businesses, however the sheer diversity of data formats produced between sensors can prove to be problematic at first, with data about the city being produced and supplied in a variety of ways.

Mapmechanics’ Smart City engineering expertise comes from nearly 30 years of being focused on the writing and B2B provision of logistics applications and the application of human geography to business to drive success. We can either pre-geocode your smart city data with premise level geocodes as a bureau service for use in analytics, satnav and telematics applications or supply these tools to you. Mapmechanics can also undertake an audit of your customer and business location data to establish their quality and how they can be improved and correctly applied. 

‘Locality’ is key for contextualisation. Let the allmapdata team augment your data with our rich and varied geographic datasets and content to drive greater business insight and operational benefits. After all, Smart Cities are all about the flow of information and insight from big and small government to citizens and businesses, and vice versa.


Embedded Dataset Services

Our embedded and customised dataset services enable our clients to design hardware and associated system software more quickly and efficiently. Your company can significantly reduce time to market by prototyping solutions with our geographic data.

We provide support and consultancy services to enhance the hardware platforms with the required software stack by offering design, development, integration, debug and test services. Mapmechanics offers expertise across multiple hardware platforms, meaning that our clients can pick the best solutions based on their platforms of choice.


Data Manipulation & Processing Services

In addition to offering data correction and QA services, Mapmechanics also provides data manipulation and processing services to ensure that your data is high quality and transferred between applications without compromise. Our technical team specialises in Data ETL (Export, Transform, Load), which is the process of exporting, transforming, and loading data into a business system or related application. This facilitates the connection of any two applications that use relational database management systems.

Make sure you are importing, transforming, validating and exporting data the right way.


Territory Optimisation

Our consultants can undertake a wide range of territory optimisation projects for your organisation which can be completed remotely, with you or a combination of both. Our approaches to the rebuilding of sales, field services and other territories etc. combine complex algorithms utilising ‘simulated annealing’ and human geography to achieve the best results.

Territories can be re-optimised or built from scratch using one or more variables, with the option to apply a different weighting to each. Seed points such as home or field office locations can be used, allowing territories to utilise an underlying street network to take into account access restrictors such as rivers, bridging points or mountain ranges that may all affect accessibility. These services are particularly applicable to territory based operations such as field sales, field service, newspaper delivery and refuse collection.


Customer & Site Location Analysis

Deciding where to open, close or relocate depots, outlets, offices or shops is important and can be costly. Mapmechanics consultants assist in this process by using a wide range of geographic software tools to examine supply, demand, costs and accessibility to advise you on your prospective options. Mapping out your customer data and depot locations with us allows you to:

  • Identify gaps and overlaps in your distribution network
  • Efficiently allocate customers to depots, account managers and marketing campaigns
  • Predict future demand
  • Locate facilities in the most cost effective locations
  • Identify opportunities for increased business
  • Manage depot territories
  • Optimise sales and franchise territories

The postcodes on your orders can be used to place your customers on the map, so that you can instantly see where there are clusters of customers and where gaps occur. Overlay your own outlets, depots and other facilities on top of the customer map in order to calculate the distance between customers and facilities.


With this kind of analysis we can identify mismatches between supply and demand, and indicate to clients where they could find alternative warehouse premises, or advise developers where to build.

BNP Paribas Real Estate


Address Cleansing & Geocoding

Address validation of corporate databases is still not a key or mandatory factor despite having been available for well over a decade, meaning that customer databases typically still have error rates of up to 30%. The allmapdata team can assist in rectifying this by cleansing your organisations database as well as supplying a software tool to do it in-house. We can also append geographic co-ordinates to each address for onward use in Business Intelligence, Logistics and GIS systems, allowing you to undertake spatial analysis.


Global Data Sourcing Capability

If you have a geographical data requirement and are struggling to find sources through your own research, contact the allmapdata team. We have built up an enviable network of contacts throughout the world over three decades to provide a wide range of data, much of which is so unique and niche that it is not typically advertised. In any case, let us find what you need, or connect you with someone that we know can either provide you with it or make it.


Bespoke Maps

If you need one or more custom wall maps to display your depots’ placement throughout their catchment areas, the Geosolutions team can create these for you. Simply tell us what you want to display, and which visuals you would like included – such as corporate logos etc. – and we will generate these custom wall maps for you. Our work has ranged from creating a basic map for use in an ad-hoc presentation right through to an extensive series of A1 Wall Maps for a UK Grocery retailer, depicting each of their store’s home delivery catchment area and the postcode sectors covered, as well as the location of competing stores.

These maps can be formatted in your choice of PDF or JPEG, and can include drivetime and drive distance catchments, as well as customer density ‘heat maps’. These allow a greater insight into your branches’ ability to connect with customers both locally and otherwise, and this sort of data is particularly helpful when projecting KPI’s, setting up, relocating, or closing down branches.


The Mapmechanics team immediately understood our requirement, and came up with exactly what we needed extremely quickly. We couldn’t have done that if we’d attempted it ourselves.


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