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Our Approach

We work together with you to:

  • Identify your key business drivers and KPI’s
  • Understand your needs now and how they fit into the wider picture
  • Explore future requirements and determine how this might influence choices today

Where possible we use established technologies to provide fast, reliable, cost-effective solutions, using the following approaches:

  • Off the shelf solutions in your required format
  • Tailoring off the shelf products – e.g. with additional data processing or modules
  • Creating complete bespoke solutions for you
  • Developing aspects of a wider system in conjunction with your own development team or other providers, as you wish.

We aim to make all our products as easy to use as possible, pre-processing data wherever possible and creating fast, easy to use interfaces to our software. And what do our customers say about our solutions?

It’s cost-effective and super-friendly to use and once you understand how it works, it’s very logical and quick.
Clear Channel Outdoor

We want to ensure you can make the most of solutions provided and so provide a knowledgeable support and implementation team to:

  • help with data or software use
  • provide public or private training courses on-site, at our training centre or via the web
  • online support and assistance via the web, telephone or email
  • full implementation assistance – setting up your system to work the way you do
  • bespoke consultancy projects – doing the job for you or guiding your staff towards the most efficient approach

We are genuinely interested in how you get on and want to help wherever we can. Established for 30 years, we have the experience to save you time and money. The majority of our technical team are qualified specialists in IT and GIS. As a result, they are innovative and keen to explore new and better approaches whenever we think it can help you meet your goals.

Our customers tell us they appreciate this level of support:

The allmapdata team has turned out to be really helpful and supportive. If we run into difficulties, they have been quick to help us sort them out.
Harlequin Group

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