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Territory Management

dmb improves map output and data analysis with Geoconcept

Since the company has been outputting six or seven maps a week in the course of the project, the aggregate time saving has been substantial.

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Deya increases the quantity and quality of internally produced maps with Mapmechanics

Mapmechanics supplied Deya with Geoconcept Enterprise, a powerful digital mapping and geographic information system, which has wide ranging abilities to manipulate geographic data and output it in a meaningful form.

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BNP Paribas Real Estate provides clients with detailed geographical analysis and planning support

By introducing the Mapmechanics package, BNP Paribas Real Estate has gained new ability to provide clients with detailed geographical-based analysis and planning support.

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Hutchison Port Holdings uses Geoconcept to create a flexible path to future developments of the Paris product

The introduction of Geoconcept has provided a flexible path to future developments of the Paris product.

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MVA Consulting uses NAVTEQ data to improve the reliability of their network-wide estimates of average travel speeds by times of day

MVA tackled all these requirements by introducing NAVTEQ digital mapping and related data into its planning and modelling system, and chose Mapmechanics as its supplier because of this company’s longstanding experience with the product range.

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Thomsons Local optimised their directory delivery routing to 22 million homes with Mapmechanics

Mapmechanics developed a route-planning system for Thomson based on Geoconcept, the powerful geographic information system supplied by the company.

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