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Map Data

Map-friendly building development data provides invaluable strategic resource

Business planners, strategists and analysts can now view the location of future building developments on detailed maps of the surrounding area, thanks to a new initiative led jointly by MapMechanics.

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Oracle-ready digital map data including NAVSTREETS readily available from allmapdata

More seamless integration between digital mapping and Oracle enterprise-level software is now available to users through enhanced Oracle support introduced by allmapdata from CACI.

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RISCAuthority develops innovative system to plot the travel time to any postcode

An extremely rapid yet accurate travel-time calculation system supplied by MAPMECHANICS has proved a key element in the development of a significant new risk assessment tool that will eventually plot fire service response times to any postcode in the UK.

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Red routes and car park data now available from MAPMECHANICS

These two fundamental requirements often arise in routing, scheduling and navigational applications, and both are tackled with invaluable new data sets from UK-based mapping and logistics specialist MapMechanics. They are now available through www.allmapdata.com, the company’s fully transactional web site.

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Mobile cab booking specialist saves by switching to in-house address-finding system

By adopting a package of postcode data products from MAPMECHANICS, fast-growing online minicab booking service provider Minicabster (formerly Anycabs) has been able to gain significantly better control over the cost and performance of its system.

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Lorry parking data, adjacent postcode data and detailed education data now available

Safer overnight parking on long lorry journeys and more intelligent network planning and territory management are two advances brought by new data sets launched by allmapdata.

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Support for Tableau map data visualisation and Oracle OBIEE and Spatial and Graph

Organisations sourcing their digital map, business and geodemographics data from allmapdata from CACI, a leading specialist in all these products, can now visualise it using the increasingly popular Tableau range.

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ForGIS Nearest rail stations for unit postcodes, GB allows you to locate the three closest rail stations to a postcode

Latest map data sets add invaluable functionality for planning and market analysis

Organisations involved in market analysis now have a selection of new digital map data sets at their disposal from MAPMECHANICS.

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BDRC Continental evaluates drivetimes and demographics with Mapmechanics suite

The travel and leisure team at independent market research consultancy BDRC Continental has been able to give clients new insights into the appeal of major tourist attractions..

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Allmapdata boosts the range of scalable digital map data for Africa

MAPMECHANICS, the leading specialist in digital map data and GIS (geographic information systems), has boosted the number of African countries for which it offers HERE vector (scalable) map data.

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