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Author: katy mckenna

Every Business Will Be a GeoData Business in 5 Years

You’ll be in the thick of geodata in five years, whatever your business. That’s our confident prediction. In fact, we think it will happen much sooner than that.

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What 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data mean, and how to use them

Have you heard of first, second and third party data? Do you know what they are? Do you know whether or how you’re using them? And why does it matter?

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GeoData privacy and security

5 technology innovations already changing urban life

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Geoconcept 8 evolution gives CACI customers the edge in GIS and Locational Analysis

An eagerly awaited major upgrade to GIS software solution Geoconcept means users can apply ever higher volumes of detailed, granular geodata to meet and exceed today’s demand in marketing and analytics.

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Cities with intelligence and sense

5 technology innovations already changing urban life

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Are we moving into Coruscant, MegaCity One or Dome City?

The digital future of the urban landscape and why it matters to your business

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Unrealistic drivetimes threaten road safety

Every commercial business needs to set targets and measure compliance, to maximise productivity. But delivery workers are at the mercy of external factors, including highway restrictions and limits, traffic flow, rush hours, congestion and parking availability.

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What’s missing from your drivetime calculations?

Calculating drivetime has critical impacts on businesses of different kinds. Which of these do you depend on drivetime insight for?

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The return of the delivery bicycle

Cycling – both for work and pleasure – has been experiencing something of a renaissance in the UK in recent years, with 12% of the population cycling every week, as of 2016. And, as retro as it might sound, a growing number of businesses are rediscovering bikes as a valuable part of the logistics mix.

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Geospatial data: the language you need to master for IoT fluency

IoT devices are everywhere – and there lies the problem. How do we keep track of every device, keep them maintained, and ensure they get to the right places at the right time in the right way? Geospatial data holds the answer.

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