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Author: Bob Shearwood

The Amazing World of Postcodes

Postcodes are so commonplace now that we never consider how important they actually are. The fastest and most reliable way of getting to a destination or sending mail in the UK is by including a postcode. Without a postcode, things would be a lot harder.

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Final Metre Is The New Final Mile

Final metre delivery is a key challenge that supply chain and logistics services need to get to grips with in the coming decade. As much as 75% of business delivery drivers’ productive time is spent not on the last mile – but on the last 100 metres.

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Open and Closed Data: What you Need to Know

Using and combining data sources can help paint a picture of customers, prospects, opportunities and the shape of future business so you can plan for success. But not everyone is a data scientist who’s conversant with all the different types of data.

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The Five Most Urgent Data Impacts in the Near Future Market: Geodata Minds Seminar Take-Outs

The theme of “Think like there’s no box” covered a wide-ranging agenda, from economic and social trends to electric vehicles and mobile data. Here are the top 5 take-outs that are challenging organisations as they prepare for market changes in the next 1 to 5 years.

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