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Author: Ben Caufield

Understanding Electric Scooter Demand with Geospatial Data

Electric Scooters are increasingly becoming a common sight in cities around the world. Considered to offer an affordable, quick & eco-friendly form of last mile transportation, their popularity is on the rise. Effective use of data can help guide policy making and let cities steer towards good public outcomes through thoughtful, responsive oversight.

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Logistics and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is real and it’s already dawned. This is a seismic shift for societies and economies because it’s not just about one new technology. In fact, it’s many transformative advances coming together all at once, creating a perfect storm of opportunity… and challenge.

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The Future of Urban Logistics

Congestion, fuel consumption, pollution, the environment, consumer demands, urban design, safety, convenience, virtualisation and population growth are just some of the current and future agendas that are fundamentally changing urban logistics. How is the industry evolving?

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Are You in a Data Democracy or a Data Dynasty?

Facebook, Amazon, Apple and others are not really in the business of social communication or e-tail, they’re in the business of data. They’re growing their power base because of the vast amounts of private data they collect about their users and can monetise through advertising, promotion and targeting on their own platforms, however the governance for online data collection is rapidly evolving.

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