allmapdata launches enhanced Eircode postal dataset for Ireland

Photo of Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin, Ireland

Following the launch this summer of Eircodes, the Republic of Ireland’s new postal addressing system, an enhanced Eircode dataset has been released by the allmapdata team at Mapmechanics, including map coordinates for all addresses plus free boundary data for principal post towns.

Mapmechanics is a leading specialist in UK and worldwide mapping, business and demographic data, business intelligence (BI) and geographic information systems (GIS).

The allmapdata Eircodes dataset is ideal for any business delivering to homes or businesses in the Irish Republic, and for business intelligence activities, insurance premium calculation, rural service provision and mailing for marketing applications.

Until this year the Republic of Ireland had no national postcodes. More than a third of all Irish addresses (up to 600,000) were duplicated, making it difficult to automate delivery scheduling or use address data in computer-based business planning and analysis or GIS.

Individual seven-character Eircodes have now been allocated to all 2.2 million Irish addresses. A typical code looks like A65 F4E2. Each is unique to a single premise or flat in an apartment block, making them particularly accurate for delivery management and for very precise business analysis and planning.

The allmapdata Eircodes dataset includes location information in both Irish National Grid reference and latitude and longitude. Addresses are included in both English and Irish, and the data Identifies the DED in which it lies, together with other details for each premise. The data therefore represents both a compelling aid to delivery scheduling and an effective analytical tool.

To make the new codes more effective in thematic mapping and analysis (for instance, for customer distribution mapping or shading areas by sales volumes), the allmapdata team has included free boundary data for each of the 139 principal post towns referenced in the codes.

Details are available on the allmapdata web site,

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