allmapdata launches AMD Global Geocoder

GeocoderMain_LocationLabelsallmapdata is pleased to announce the release of AMD Global Geocoder, a cost-effective standalone geocoding tool underpinned with the international HERE database. Organisations can use this powerful geocoding solution to match batches of addresses with their geographical coordinates by simply importing addresses from a Microsoft Excel file and exporting the results into a variety of formats.

As an out-of-the-box independent solution, AMD Global Geocoder doesn’t require GIS, BI applications or locally hosted maps. Geocode with a variety of character sets (eg. Cyrillic, Greek, Simple Mandarin), and export your results into a range of formats, such as Excel, .PDF, .CSV and .TXT. Additionally, this geocoder features an accessible interface including a map view with a range of backgrounds for visualising addresses, and groups addresses that have matched with multiple coordinates for straightforward manual intervention.

AMD Global Geocoder can geocode addresses across multiple countries at once and is a cost-effective alternative to buying multiple address datasets for different countries, including expensive postcode files for countries rarely visited. Accessing the international HERE database means that users don’t need to host any map data or geocoding files on their own systems, and also that the most up to date data is always being accessed without the need for periodic updates.

AMD Global Geocoder augments a broad range of processes, and can be used as a key resource in a variety of industries. Geocoded addresses can be exported for use in almost any third-party software for activities such as market analysis, delivery planning, route optimisation, scheduling, network mapping and modelling, competitor evaluation and other processes involving geographically-based analysis.

Annual technical support is included as part of the package, including all future updates to the product. An API version is also available for users who want to embed this geocoder with their backend systems or BI solutions.

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