Accurate driver performance monitoring on the Kinesis telematics platform

  • Instant, accurate reporting of vehicle speeding to Kinesis telematics platform users
  • Ready integration of online HERE Location Platform mapping via easy-to-use APIs
  • Integral speed limit data held within HERE mapping for every stretch of road
  • Automatic repositioning of vehicle traces where parallel roads might cause confusion
  • Constantly updated mapping that reflects current road status and traffic conditions
  • Advice from Mapmechanics on integration and commercial licensing


Kinesis is a fast-growing vehicle telematics and tracking platform launched by Radius Payment Solutions, a leading UK-based international supplier of fuel cards and supporting technology, which already has more than 50,000 vehicles using its system. Kinesis offers a full range of features including live tracking, route replaying, vehicle and driver performance monitoring and journey history analysis.

Kinesis is available to any vehicle operator on a stand-alone basis, requiring no long-term contract. Operators simply buy or hire the on-board equipment and pay as they go. However, users of Radius Payment Solutions’ fuel card systems can also take advantage of Geo-Plus, which checks fuel transactions against location, and reports any anomalies for investigation by the vehicle operator.

The Kinesis team wanted to offer vehicle operators the ability to produce reports showing any instance of excess speeding, supporting driver incentivisation initiatives and encouraging more responsible driving. Whilst Google mapping had been adopted to present vehicle routes through the Kinesis online user portal, it was felt that monitoring road speed would require mapping with more detail and granularity.

Kinesis therefore sought a third-party mapping system that could be integrated readily into its system, making use of live data on current road conditions and traffic levels. The team also wanted to extend the speed monitoring in a way that directly helped drivers, allowing them to check up on their own performance.

HERE referred us to Mapmechanics when we first approached them and the Mapmechanics team provided exactly what we wanted.”

Jamie Hillman, Kinesis technical director


Web map services (WMS) from the HERE Location Platform, supplied by Mapmechanics, provided the solution. Web map services offered by HERE provide users such as Kinesis with a readily accessible way to take advantage of online mapping. Kinesis simply connects to HERE maps over the internet via a set of easy-to-use API (application
programming interface) protocols. No locally hosted mapping is required; the maps are simply delivered on demand.

An extension to the HERE Location Platform provides speed limits for each stretch of road. The on-board Kinesis equipment registers the vehicle’s location by GPS every thirty seconds, and by measuring these traces against time, the software behind Kinesis can work out the vehicle’s actual road speed. This enables it to compare the true speed with the speed limit held in the HERE data for each stretch of road, and report any violations to the vehicle operator.

Although GPS location traces are highly accurate, they cannot always differentiate between two roads that run close to one another (for instance, a motorway and parallel local road). However, another service add-on, the HERE Route Match Extension (RME), caters for this by intelligently monitoring the progress of a vehicle along any given road. It checks the locations detected before and after any potentially irregular reading, and repositions the trace automatically to the correct road.

Operators can maintain driver scorecards and point out contraventions to drivers.”


Kinesis can now produce reports showing any instance of excess speeding by users’ vehicles. “Operators can maintain driver scorecards and point out contraventions to drivers,” says technical director Jamie Hillman.

In addition, Kinesis is working on a refinement that will enable drivers themselves to check up on their performance, using a mobile app. Jamie Hillman sees the information forming an essential element in driver league tables and similar safety and performance initiatives.

A key benefit of the HERE Location Platform is the fact that it is constantly updated, so applications are always referencing the latest real-time data on current road conditions, unplanned road closures and traffic incidents.

As a leading HERE reseller, Mapmechanics helps users decide on their required features and integration strategy. Among the valueadded services provided by Mapmechanics, the company was able to help Kinesis to set up appropriate commercial licensing, and provided advice on using the HERE APIs to integrate the mapping with Kinesis.

Kinesis is already available in the UK and a number of overseas territories, and is currently being extended to new markets such as Asia, America and New Zealand – a process facilitated by the global coverage offered by the HERE Location Platform.