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allmapdata from Mapmechanics works alongside some of the largest and most established Data and Solution companies worldwide.

  • Data Partners
  • AA mapping data

    The AA has a long history of producing atlases and paper maps for motorists. This data is also available in digital formats for business use such as map-based analysis and routing & scheduling.

    It provides detailed digital map data (raster and vector) in the form of road networks, gazetteers and other mapping information such as rail networks and key towns for Great Britain.

    Europa Technologies

    Europa Technologies is a leading digital map data manufacturer specialising in global mapping for fixed/mobile telecommunications, space systems, insurance/reinsurance, television/film and general use within Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The company’s core family of data products includes variants for most uses, including CRESTA zones for risk aggregation by insurers and reinsurers. Products from Europa Technologies are critical to many leading organisations around the world and many of these now consume data-as-a-service, using the popular via Europa hosted map service or Network Insight Pro for mobile network coverage maps.

    GBG Loqate

    Almost all data has locations, and accurate locations power a wealth of business processes: Customer Relationship Management, data quality, delivery of materials, goods or services, fraud detection, insurance risk assessment, data analytics, store and territory planning, and much more. New applications that harness the information in Big Data, location based services, customer analytics, and market intelligence need the accuracy and intelligence that only comes from great address quality. GBG Loqate, the definitive source of everything location can power your applications with a combination of address capture, verification, and geocoding – all for 240+ countries. GBG Loqate becomes the single global source for high quality, accurate location information.


    Founded in 2005, INRIX are the leading provider of traffic services for North and South America, Europe and represented through partnerships in China, Australia and South Africa. Their unique Smart Driver network aggregates traffic-related information from a growing community of over 100 million vehicles – the largest driving community in the world. INRIX data is then further processed by Mapmechanics so that it can be used to calculate drive time information and for use in vehicle routing and scheduling (VRS) systems.
    HERE logo


    HERE is a leading supplier of worldwide digital map data for use in many ways which include GIS, routing & scheduling, tracking, navigation and other map-based software.
    Using HERE data in conjunction with CACI data and logistics solutions, you can benefit from detailed street-level network, road speed and restriction information, in order to achieve greater reliability and accuracy whether performing simple drive-time analysis, or planning a complex delivery route.

    Royal Mail

    Royal Mail are the sole provider of the UK's Universal Service, at some of the lowest prices in Europe. Every working day, the business processes and delivers around 62 million items to 28.8 million UK addresses, as well as providing detailed address data.

    Postcode Address File (PAF) and address datasets are widely used for database management, data cleansing, address validation, direct mail campaigns, and in rapid addressing software.

    Ordnance Survey

    Ordnance Survey is the national mapping agency for Great Britain and is one of the world's largest producers of maps. Since 1 April 2015 it has operated as Ordnance Survey Ltd, a government-owned company, 100% in public ownership.

    The Ordnance Survey is the UK government agency responsible for the official, definitive topographic survey and mapping of Great Britain.


    iGeolise make maps searchable by time rather than distance. Users of the data can identify the best possible locations within 15 minutes drive rather than 5 miles radius. They understand that not all locations within a miles-based radius will be accessible for the average person because congestion, infrastructure and other factors can impact accessibility. Using travel time data increases the accuracy of location-based decision making. 

    They offer a consumer-website facing search TravelTime platform and a GIS analysis feature. For more information click here

  • Solution Partners
  • Geoconcept

    Founded in 1990, Geoconcept SA is a company specializing in the design and implementation of cartographic optimization technologies for professional use. These are based on the GIS Geoconcept built and developed in-house that has been constantly evolving for nearly 20 years, and is recognized worldwide today.

    There are many different types of map software from the simple on-line map service to complex market analysis solutions. Geoconcept is the underlying GIS software that powers these types of applications for organisations as diverse as major retailers & local authorities, to manufacturers, distribution, marketing and property companies.

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