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About us

allmapdata, a division of CACI (formerly owned by Mapmechanics), provides a broad range of digital geospatial datasets as well as GIS (geographic information system) and locational software solutions and services. allmapdata creates actionable B2B or B2C insights to enhance your logistics operations, business intelligence and customer insight.

In addition to authoring our own geospatial datasets, we have developed distributor relationships with partners across the globe to enable us to offer best of breed digital map data products to our customers. We also help organisations identify the best solution for their specific business needs together with consultancy, bespoke development, training and technical support.

www.allmapdata.com is a CACI specialist website designed for business customers and providing detailed information about our worldwide geospatial data products, their uses and available digital formats. We also supply Geoconcept GIS and territory management software solutions.

What we do

allmapdata licences digital data products from a variety of third parties for GIS, BI (business intelligence) and logistics applications. We are also facilitating the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities and insurance telematics through our range of datasets. Our products range from maps with detailed speed and navigational attribute information (such as bridge heights, banned turns etc.), to hourly population counts derived from mobile phone usage.

allmapdata is also the UK distributor for the Geoconcept GIS. We have incorporated this core technology in our own product Geoxploit, the easy-to-use, off-the-shelf map-analysis package designed for the busy business professional. Learn more about Geoxploit and other solutions for market analysis, territory management, and thematic mapping.

Enhance your customer analytics, develop your targeted marketing, streamline your mobile asset scheduling or relocate your retail or distribution branches to better connect with your customers and clients. Explore our range of digital datasets and use these options to streamline delivery management and logistics planning with AddressAnalytix; create and manage territories with Postcode & Administrative Boundaries; or navigate, locate and geocode with Gazetteers.

Our Partners

Our partners include collaborations with complementary technologies including Oracle and Geoconcept. We also work with numerous originators of geographic data including national mapping agencies and major brands such as Ordnance Survey, AA, Royal Mail, HERE map content, GfK, Dun & Bradstreet, Blue Sheep and others. Learn more about our partners here.

If you would like to know more, or you are a company that would like to make use of our geographical and logistics planning knowledge and experience contact us.

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