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This section includes digital postal and administrative area boundaries for countries around the globe. Use these products in your business intelligence system or GIS to create territories, analyse shaded trend maps and add an intuitive sense of place to your maps. There is an extensive catalogue of boundaries from traditional counties & detailed UK unit postcodes to German Gemeinden and Cresta Zones for Japan. Call us and we will help you choose the best boundary data for your needs.


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CRESTA Boundaries

Catastrophe Risk Evaluation and Standardizing Target Accumulations also known as CRESTA zones maps describe the distribution of insured values within a country.
Postcode Boundaries MBR

Postcode Boundaries & World Admin - MBR

Administrative and postcode boundary polygons for many countries across the globe. Matches MBR geodemographic data.
World Map & Boundary Packs

World Map & Boundary Packs - GfK

Boundaries with background maps for many countries around the world. Matches GfK demographic data.
Public Transport Boundaries & Routes

Public Transport Boundaries & Routes - iGeolise

Calculate public transport routes travel time isochrones polygons containing everywhere you can reach using public transport only starting at a specified time. Uses public transport timetables.
China Postcode Boundaries

China Postcode Boundaries

Digital Chinese 6-digit postcode boundaries and centroids with postcode name, nearest town and district names in English and Chinese.
gb Ceremonial County Boundaries

GB Ceremonial County Boundaries - AA

Traditional GB ceremonial county digital boundaries for BI, GIS and other applications

GB Boundary-Line - OS

Comprehensive and up to date 1:10,000 boundary line dataset for Great Britain including civil parishes, electoral wards and county councils.
Built-up Area Boundaries

GB Key Built-up Area Boundaries

Polygons representing key built up areas created as aggregates of relevant administration districts
Mexico Census Boundaries

Mexico Census Boundaries - LeadDog

Census boundary polygons for specific cities in Mexico. Census demographics are attached.
Netherlands Postcode Boundaries

Netherlands Postcode Boundaries - Andes

4-digit Postcode boundaries for the Netherlands.
UK Census Boundaries

UK Census Boundaries

UK Census Output Area, Ward and District boundary polygons
UK Postcode Sector, District & Area Boundaries

UK Postcode Sector, District & Area Boundaries - AMD

Exceptionally accurate, detailed UK postcode sector, district and area boundaries, regularly updated
Townland boundaries for Ireland

Townland Boundaries, Ireland - OSNI

Townland boundaries for both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, created as a seamless layer for the whole island
geoplan-pro-sectors-gloucester-big 320x200

UK Postcode Sector, District & Area Boundaries - Geoplan

High and low resolution UK postcode boundaries
UK Public Service Boundaries

UK Public Service Boundaries - BD

Police, ambulance and fire service boundaries together with local education and clinical commissioning group digital boundary polygons
UK Town and Land Use Boundaries

UK Town and Land Use Boundaries - GeoLytix

Land use boundaries such as building polygons and woodlands. Also boundaries for 30,000 sprawls (areas), each representing a recognisable distinct town or suburb within the UK
UK TV, Radio & Newspaper Boundaries

UK TV, Radio & Newspaper Boundaries - Geoplan

TV, radio and news coverage digital boundaries and look up tables correlating postcode sectors with local media coverage
US Census Boundaries

US Census Boundaries

Census block, Census block group and Census tract boundaries for use with US Census data.
US School, Neighbourhood & Residential Boundaries

US School, Neighbourhood & Residential Boundaries - Maponics

US school, neighbourhood and residential boundaries with school teacher and pupil counts, type of school and other attributes.
Global Boundary Sets

Global Boundary Sets

Global digital map boundary data is available as a single low resolution set or as higher resolution country and continent packs.
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